Purchasing Tips

Hi - Jennie here!

The books on this shop - ebooks or audiobooks - are distributed by BookFunnel. You will need the app to download them, but you can send the e-books to another e-reader afterwards if you prefer. 

Upon receipt of payment, your will receive an email from BookFunnel with your code to download the book (or codes to download the books if it's a bundle). It is better to download the book(s) immediately before you forget because the code will expire in 30 days. You can always click the "save for later" button on your app.

Although the codes are shown in capital letters in the email, don't type them in caps when redeeming your book, or the code won't work. It will revert to caps automatically when you type it in. And finally, if you have any issues whatsoever, the BookFunnel support crew is amazing at helping you get it all sorted out. I will not be able to help with technical support, but that is what they are there for.

Happy hours of reading / listening!