What to read?

Hi! Looking for a specific trope or place to begin for reading Jennie Goutet's novels? Below the books are organized by series (when applicable) and trope. You can easily find the reading order and the tropes that fit your mood here.

The Earl's Sisters:

Overall theme : London Season. The young earl has five sisters who need to be married off.

Who: Siblings Everard (Evo), Dorothea, Sophia, Camilla, Joanna, Matilda.

1. A Brilliant Match: Tropes: Pride & Prejudice (in reverse), forbidden love, likes attract.

Historical details : light

Clavering Chronicles Series:

Overall theme : London Season. First book set in a country house in wintertime, second two set in London in spring.

Who: Siblings Lucius, Philippa, and George 

1. A Fall from Grace : Tropes: Cinderella-heroine, Cynical-alpha-hero, governess

Historical details : light

2. Philippa Holds Court : Tropes : Grumpy (he)-sunshine (she), enemies-to-love, witty-banter

Historical details  : moderate (parliament)

3. The Sport of Matchmaking : Tropes: enemies-to-love, witty banter, bet-on-love

Historical details : light

Daughters of the Gentry

Overall theme : Set in and around Horncastle in Lincolnshire. Life in a village outside of London with members of the gentry.

Who: Neighbors Honoria, Arabella, Christine

1. A Whimsical Notion Tropes:  blind-to-love, forbidden-love, all-grown-up

Historical details : light (feel-good, gentle story)

2. A Stroke of Good Fortune Tropes: Damsel-in-distress, protector, widow, single-mother

Historical details : light-to-moderate (mill work and smuggling)

* Trigger Warning : This book includes a narcissistic, psychologically manipulative bad guy.


Memorable Proposals

Overall theme : Set during Napoleonic wars with military references in each book. First set in country and in London. Second set in country. Third set in Brussels during the Battle of Waterloo. This series is published by Cedar Fort and is available on kindle, paperback and audio.

The ebooks in this series are available on Amazon only.

Who: Siblings Stratford and twin sisters Anna and Phoebe

1. A Regrettable Proposal : Tropes : Enemy-to-love, ugly-duckling, orphan, sworn-off-love, blind-to-love, ex-military-hero

Historical details : light (light suspense)

2. A Faithful Proposal : Tropes : opposites-attract, fish-out-of-water, inspirational hero-man-of-the-cloth, heroine-London-socialite

Historical details : light (light suspense)

3. A Daring Proposal : Tropes: Older-brother's-best-friend, childhood-crush, blind-to-love, war-hero

Historical details : heavy (Battle of Waterloo)


Stand-Alone Books

His Disinclined Bride Tropes: Arranged marriage, enemies-to-lovers

Historical details : light

* Trigger warning : This book contains talk of consent and consummation and is not recommended for younger teens.

A Yorkshire Carol  Tropes : holiday-romance, house-party, friends-to-love, unrequited-love, snobby-heroine-who-softens

Historical details : moderate with Christmas details and Yorkshire farming

An Amiable Foe  Tropes : orphan, forced-proximity, fish-out-of-water, both-want-castle

Historical details : light

The Christmas Ruse, a novella Tropes : damsel-in-distress, insta-love, protector

Historical details : light


In the order published:

Stars Upside Down, 2013
A Noble Affair, 2016
A Sweetheart in Paris, 2018
A Regrettable Proposal, 2019
A Faithful Proposal, 2020
The Christmas Ruse, 2020
A Fall from Grace, 2020
His Disinclined Bride, 2020
Philippa Holds Court, 2021
A Yorkshire Carol, 2021
A Daring Proposal, 2022
The Sport of Matchmaking, 2022
A Whimsical Notion, 2022
An Amiable Foe, 2023
A Stroke of Good Fortune, 2023
A Brilliant Match, 2023